Vida to present at the “A View From All Sides” Conference

Children's Trust Fund presents "A View From All Sides" Conference

Lisa McElaney, Vida’s President and Principal Investigator, will be presenting a workshop at the upcoming A View From All Sides Conference organized by the Massachusetts Children’s Trust Fund on Thursday, November 1 at 2:00 in Marlborough, MA.

This will be the first public discussion of Vida’s multi-year, NIH funded research project which resulted in All Babies Crya primary, universal, injury prevention tool designed for new parents. Vida’s work builds on prior interventions aimed at reducing child maltreatment in the first year of life by:

  1. Directly correlating health messages and media to protective factors identified in the Strengthening Families model which are associated with improved outcomes
  2. Devoting equal ‘screen time’ to mitigating parental stress as well as to describing infant crying behaviors,
  3. Tuning the media’s messaging and visual treatment to engage men as much as women (men are more likely to perpetrate child maltreatment)
  4. Using findings from formative focus groups of expectant and new parents to design the media approach
  5. Incorporating input about recognizing and side-stepping stress gathered from focus groups of men under court mandates to treatment for committing partner domestic violence

Vida’s workshop, entitled The “All Babies Cry” Clinical Trial: Using Technology to Support Parents and Prevent Injury, will explore the formative research and design process that resulted in the All Babies Cry, modular, multi-dose media intervention. Using the Strengthening Families Protective Factors as a framework, the intervention goes beyond “Shaken Baby” prevention and aims to enhance new parents’ confidence in soothing their infant and themselves when feeling stressed.

Participants in this introductory level workshop will, understand the importance of designing a media approach that promotes parental resilience, positive behaviors, and/or behavior change; appreciate how a holistic approach to strengthening families via new media may reduce parental stress; empower proactive problem solving and help-seeking while considering how principles of learning science inform effective media interventions.

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