Mobile Learning Solutions

Mobile learning isn’t about just downloading an app to your tablet or smartphone, it’s about being connected anywhere and everywhere from all of your devices. In other words, it’s about “the cloud”. Vida has made mobile learning a key component of our technology strategy and our™ eLearning platform has been designed with mobile learning in mind from the start.

The Challenges of Mobile Learning

Compared to traditional on-line learning applications, learning on mobile devices presents a whole new set of challenges. There are issues of how the mobile device communicates back to the central database to track user progress, record test responses, manage user accounts and what happens to data when the learner loses connectivity. There are the multiple operating systems and differences in how learning applications are delivered to those devices.

With respect to learner engagement, there are issues of how learners interact with the software on different sized screens and optimizing the learning experience so that learners aren’t distracted, or worse frustrated, by the technology. The learning design must balance the immediacy and convenience of “on the go” learning against shorter attention spans and learning that occurs spontaneously rather than by appointment.

Cloud-based Mobile Learning

At Vida, we are developing learning technologies to make mobile learning a seamless extension of eLearning. Our mobile-ready™ eLearning platform enables us to deploy courses across desktops, laptops, tablets, and smart phones. This means that the on-line courses we develop for you today can be easily configured for mobile deployment tomorrow.

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