Health Communications

Vida’s roots in visual learning design reach deep. Our video producers are experts in health education and have been recognized with more than 100 awards including five prestigious International Health & Medical Media awards plus an Emmy® nomination. We speak the language of health care and understand how to work within health care facilities and alongside health care providers and patients using minimally instrusive “small footprint” production teams. Whether you need short form video sequences to support an e-learning project or a fully produced long form video program for distribution across multiple media platforms, here are some ways that Vida’s visual learning solutions group can help you:

Staff Training & Education

Visual Learning SolutionsVida understands how health care providers learn, their barriers to learning and how messages should be crafted and delivered for optimum results. Through partnerships with professional health care organizations and our own federally-funded research projects, Vida has developed video-rich staff training materials across a range of health topics and disciplines including perinatal substance abuse, fetal alcohol syndrome, preterm infant brain development, nursing workplace violence prevention, breastfeeding support, pediatric literacy, pediatric residency training, youth violence prevention, child conduct disorder, diabetes care, perinatal mood disorders, opioid prescription management, and environmental health risks.

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Patient Education

Often, the things that health care consumers are interested in learning about aren’t the most important things we as health educators think they should know. Vida understands how to reach health care consumers with messaging that moves them through the stages of behavior change from pre-contemplation to contemplation to preparation to action resulting in improved health outcomes. Vida has developed video-rich patient education materials on the topics of pregnancy, labor & delivery, environmental health, breastfeeding, infant care & safety, preterm infant brain development, parental stress management, and fetal alcohol syndrome.

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Public Outreach & Awareness

When you have a story that needs to be told, Vida can turn that tale into compelling video. Vida’s documentary approach to production uses real people to relate real experiences. The end result is a program that feels sincere, pushes emotional buttons, and turns your audience into believers.

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