Evaluation Services

How do you know if your educational intervention is accomplishing what you intended? Vida can help you get to the answer by applying the same rigorous evaluation methodologies that we use on our own NIH and CDC-funded research projects. Our experienced team of research professionals features three seasoned Principal Investigators bringing to bear two decades of NIH funding success, service on NIH Scientific Review Groups and Institutional Review Boards, and expertise in multi-method (quantitative and qualitative) investigation. Our research services include:

Formative Research

Evaluation Services

Formative research greatly benefits the quality of health education interventions by identifying, early on, key issues that can impede or enhance their efficacy. In developing educational media, Vida most often uses two types of formative research: (a) Interviews of key informants such as academic experts, clinicians and patients, and (b) Focus Groups representative of the target audience. Vida’s research team provides these formative research services:

  • research design and human subjects approval
  • development of semi-structured interview schedules and focus group guides
  • focus group moderation
  • qualitative data analysis

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Evaluation by Clinical Trial

Once an intervention has been developed, an evaluation is necessary to assess whether the intervention achieves its objectives. One of the best ways to find out is to conduct a randomized or controlled clinical trial. Vida’s research team provides these evaluation research services:

  • research design and human subjects approval
  • development and pre-testing of survey instruments
  • project management, participant recruitment, data collection
  • data management and statistical analysis
  • reporting and manuscript authoring

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Evaluation by Observed Structured Clinical Encounter

When a program’s goal is to improve clinical skills, observation is superior to a questionnaire. To evaluate clinical skills, Vida recommends “observed structured clinical encounter.” Trained simulated patients present clinicians with a scenario that calls for the skills covered in the program, and score the clinicians on the skills they demonstrated. Vida’s research team offers these additional services:

  • development of cases based on program content
  • development of training and assessment protocols for actors
  • development and pre-testing of outcome measures

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