eLearning Solutions

Hospitals, health care organizations, professional organizations and educational institutions rely on Vida to develop and deliver their online course offerings. Vida provides a full range of course development and hosting solutions to meet your eLearning objectives. Our services include:

Learning Design and Course Development

elearningSo you want to develop a new online course. You may have some ideas but aren’t sure where to start. Or you have a good idea of what you want but you need an experienced partner to execute it for you. Vida can help you by applying the same expertise in learning design and production that we use for our internal federally-funded eLearning projects. Vida’s staff of learning designers, writers, producers and technologists are ready to work with you to transform your idea into an effective experience for your learners.

Course Freshening and Engagement Strategies

Maybe you have an online course that’s aging and needs some freshening. Or perhaps you have a course that isn’t resonating with your learners as you’d hoped. Vida can help you develop the learning and engagement strategies to improve knowledge retention and instigate behavior change. Vida’s learning designers are experts in using video and interactive elements to enhance didactic content in ways that reinforce learning and drive behavior change.

Hosted Learning Management Solutions

When you need both course development and hosting services, Vida’s NetCourses.org™ platform provides all the functionality most clients will ever need. NetCourses.org™ is a comprehensive eLearning management solution that offers user registration and account management, course registration, eCommerce, learner tracking, testing and assessment, course evaluation and administrative reporting functionalities. Vida maintains the learning environment on our secure private servers so you don’t have to.

SCORM Compliant Course Packages

When you need to develop a course but want to host it on your own LMS, Vida can design, build and deliver a fully SCORM compliant course package that will work seamlessly with your current LMS.

Visit NetCourses.org™ to sample some of Vida’s eLearning projects.

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