Services Overview

Vida offers a full menu of visual learning, eLearning, mobile and evaluation services. With over two decades of experience producing media across multiple platforms, Vida’s narrative approach is proven to drive behavior change and improve health outcomes.

Visual Learning Solutions

Vida’s video producers are experts in health education and have been recognized with more than 100 awards including five prestigious International Health & Medical Media awards plus an Emmy® nomination. We speak the language of health care and understand how to work within health care facilities and alongside health care providers and patients using minimally intrusive “small footprint” production teams. To learn more CLICK HERE.

Mobile & eLearning Solutions

Mobile learning isn’t about just downloading an app to your tablet or smartphone, it’s about being connected anywhere and everywhere from all of your devices. In other words, it’s about “the cloud”. To learn more about how Vida has made mobile learning a key component of our technology strategy CLICK HERE.

Hospitals, health care organizations, professional organizations and educational institutions rely on Vida to develop and deliver their online course offerings. Vida provides a full range of course development and hosting solutions to meet your eLearning objectives. To learn more about Vida’s Learning Design and Course Development, Course Freshening and Engagement Strategies, Hosted Learning Management Solutions and SCORM Compliant Course Packages CLICK HERE.

Evaluation Services

How do you know if your educational intervention is accomplishing what you intended? Vida can help you get to the answer by applying the same rigorous evaluation methodologies that we use on our own NIH and CDC-funded research projects. Our experienced team of research professionals features three seasoned Principal Investigators bringing to bear two decades of NIH funding success, service on NIH Scientific Review Groups and Institutional Review Boards, and expertise in multi-method (quantitative and qualitative) investigation. To learn more CLICK HERE.

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