Youth Violence Prevention

Principal Investigator(s): Lisa McElaney, MFA
Funding Agency: NIH / NICHD
Dates: 09/20/2007 – 12/19/2008
Reference: 1R43HD056631
Status: Phase I complete; Phase II not funded
Abstract: In the proposed SBIR project, Vida Health Communications, Inc. (Vida) will produce, evaluate and distribute Youth Violence Prevention Training for Health Professionals. Drawing on the proven advantages of the Internet and DVD technologies, this comprehensive training including a web-based multimedia program for health care professionals will feature a problem-based instructional design. The proposed curriculum will build on and draw from Youth Violence: A Guide for Physicians & Other Health Care Professionals, edited by the project’s Principal Expert Consultants Robert Sege, MD, PhD and Vincent Licenziato for the Massachusetts Medical Society. It will address core competencies developed by Academic Centers of Excellence on Youth Violence Prevention, funded by CDC. Video elements will serve as focal points for training, and will include case stories about various forms of youth violence (such as fighting, school conflicts, suicide, bullying, intentional injury by an intimate partner, witnessing violence) and demonstration of interview techniques for assessing risk and resilience in youth. It will include strategies for building partnerships with community resources. There will be an optional “trainers’ toolkit” which will expand the possibilities for training across collaborative specialties. The toolkit will include DVDs containing video content from the web-based program, a workshop leader’s guide, and learning assessment tools in .pdf format.
Findings: Phase II was not funded.

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