Workplace Violence Prevention for Nurses

Principal Investigator(s): Lisa McElaney, MFA; John Craine, MS, MBA
Funding Agency: CDC / NIOSH
Dates: 09/01/2007 – 08/31/2012
Reference: 5R44OH009180
Status: Phase I complete; Phase II evaluation ongoing
Abstract: Workplace Violence Prevention for Nurses is a multi-media training package for professional (registered) nurses and administrators working in a hospital setting. It includes a web-based training program to help nurses understand, assess, prevent, and respond to violence in the workplace. The self-paced curriculum makes extensive use of video to share expert opinions and victims’ experiences. It also utilizes video to provide case studies, and to demonstrate effective strategies for assessment, prevention and response, thus allowing for behavior modeling. Self-administered tests for each training module help to track acquisition of essential knowledge, attitudes, and skills. Continuing education credits will be awarded to program graduates.
Findings: See final report

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