FAS Multimedia Library – Tools for Parents and Caregivers

Principal Investigator(s): Lisa McElaney, MFA
Funding Agency: NIH / NIAAA
Dates: 09/01/1995 – 08/31/2001
Reference: 5R44AA010181
Status: Phase I complete; Phase II complete
Abstract: Critical information about Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is not reaching those in positions to make the most significant impact on children and families affected by this problem. To address this problem, Vida will produce, evaluate and distribute the FAS Multi-Media Library, a “tool kit” for parents and other caregivers of children with FAS. The Library will target three different caregiver types: 1) A VHS linear video for parents will focus on 11 subject areas across three domains: basic knowledge of FAS’s effect on child development/behavior; attitudes about FAS; and coping strategies; 2) A VHS linear video for educators will cover three general areas: knowledge of FAS’s impact on learning disabilities and impact on behavior at school; and skills for improving learning and behavior in school; and 3) A CD-ROM for pediatric health care providers will focus on the etiology, diagnosis, developmental assessment and referral for FAS children. The purpose of the proposed evaluation is to assess effectiveness of these visual media as tools to increase understanding of the dimensions of FAS. For parents, Vida will assess changes in knowledge, attitudes and level of engagement with FAS support services and resources. For educators and pediatric health care providers, Vida will assess changes in knowledge.
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