All Babies Cry

Title: All Babies Cry: Preventing Child Abuse in the First Year of Life
Principal Investigator(s): Lisa McElaney, MFA; Allison Morrill, JD, PhD
Funding Agency: NICHD
Dates: 04/15/2009 – 01/31/2013
Reference: 5R44HD061122
Status: Phase I complete; Phase II intervention complete, evaluation data collection ongoing
Abstract: Abusive head trauma or Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS) is the most common cause of death from child abuse. Hospital-based, parent education programs targeting parents of newborns have been proven effective in reducing significantly the incidence of abusive head injuries. Massachusetts and eight other states have adopted legislation mandating education designed to prevent SBS. Federal and additional state mandates may be forthcoming. Males – biological fathers, mothers’ boyfriends and stepfathers – are the most frequent perpetrators of SBS. Infant crying is the most common precursor to incidents of SBS. Building on preliminary work with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Vida Health Communications, Inc. produced and is evaluating “All Babies Cry”, an educational media package for parents of newborns. It includes a media part to be shown to parents in the hospital, and a DVD and booklet to take home, containing explicit demonstrations of strategies for soothing a crying infant and managing parental stress. The media format is expected to appeal to men more than printed material alone.
Findings: Pending completion of evaluation
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