After School Gets Moving

Principal Investigator(s): Lisa McElaney, MFA; Allison Morrill, JD, PhD
Funding Agency: NIH / NICHD (Phase I); CDC / NCCDPHP (Phase II)
Dates: 05/01/2006 – 09/29/2012
Reference: 5R44DP049919
Status: Phase I complete; Phase II data collection complete, data analysis ongoing, final report anticipated in 2012
Abstract: The number of American school children who are not active enough to ensure healthy physical, mental and emotional development is growing. Low-income children from urban communities are at greatest risk. “After-school” has become a social institution in little more than a generation. Urban after-school programs enroll children who encounter higher rates of overweight and obesity. Staff in under-resourced, space-limited after-school programs are mostly paraprofessionals. Most come from the communities they serve. Phase II of Vida Health Communications’ “After-School Gets Moving: A Multimedia Staff Development Program” built on the positive results of the Phase I feasibility study and produced a comprehensive, tested and evaluated media-based training, rich with live action video demonstrations, to give urban after-school providers resources they need to effectively promote physical activity among children ages 6-10. Research and development efforts in Phase II included: 1) continued development and production of enhanced DVD (e-DVD) media in three parts and ancillary print materials; 2) beta testing of the media in partnership with the BEST (Building Exemplary Systems for Training Youth Workers) team at The Medical Foundation; and 3) a rigorous quasi-experimental evaluation of the media training by consultant researchers from the National Institute for Out of School Time (NIOST).
Findings: See final report
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