Research Overview

As a qualified applicant under the federal Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) funding mechanism, Vida has received numerous awards to develop and evaluate educational interventions directed toward health care providers and patients around important and timely health topics. Vida’s SBIR research applications are typically funded through the National Institutes of Health and Centers for Disease Control and undergo a rigorous peer review process similar to other federal research grants but with an eye toward innovation and commercialization potential.

Vida’s research projects typically consist of a modest Phase I feasibility study involving formative research, prototype design and focus group testing followed by a larger Phase II award for development of the full intervention and its formal evaluation. Evaluation design varies by project and is dictated by the type of intervention, intended audience, methods of delivery, recruitment, budget and time constraints. The objective of every intervention is to improve health behaviors and outcomes, though this is not always measurable within the context of the SBIR funding mechanism.

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After School Gets Moving

intervention to increase physical activity levels among students in resource-limited after school settings.

All Babies Cry

strategies for calming crying babies and reducing parental stress to reduce incidence of child abuse.

Childhood After Preterm Birth

post-NICU support strategies for parents of preterm infants.

FAS Multimedia Library

strategies and resources for parents, educators and obstetric and pediatric health care providers around fetal alcohol syndrome.

Managing Environmental Risks in Pregnancy

interventions for obstetric providers and pregnant women to protect fetus from exposure to environmental pollutants.

Parent Management Training

training course for therapists in the techniques of Parent Management Training for child conduct disorder.

Supporting the Development of Preterm Newborns

interventions for NICU staff and parents around support strategies for promoting normal brain development in preterm infants.

Workplace Violence Prevention for Nurses

workplace violence prevention strategies for registered nurses and other nursing staff.

Youth Violence Prevention

training for pediatric residents around youth violence prevention strategies.

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