Center for the Study of Social Policy – Why “All Babies Cry” & Strengthening Families Efforts Should Connect

Strengthening Families efforts provide a cross-systems framework for family support and capacity building in more than 30 states. State initiatives are led by cross-system leadership teams generally representing a diverse set of disciplines, including early childhood, child abuse and neglect prevention, child welfare and public health. In most states, Strengthening Families is being implemented broadly in settings as diverse as early childhood centers, family support programs, parenting programs and other venues that serve young children and their families. Connecting to these leadership teams provides an opportunity to place the All Babies Cry program work in the context of broad cross-disciplinary thinking about how to leverage existing systems to support families and prevent abuse and neglect.

How All Babies Cry Links to the Strengthening Families Protective Factors Framework

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All Babies Cry is an evidence-based, maternity education and injury prevention media program for new mothers and fathers. It promotes healthy parental behaviors by empowering new parents with practical demonstrations of infant soothing and clear strategies for managing normal stress in parenting.  All Babies Cry explicitly promotes all of the protective factors of the Strengthening Families approach.

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