All Babies Cry

All Babies Cry“All Babies Cry” is a new evidence-based program funded by the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. It is designed to promote healthy parental behaviors and prevent child abuse in the first year of life.


  • 11 minute video program for hospital closed circuit TV systems
  • 28-page, 4-color booklet with checklists, activities, hotline numbers and other resources (available in print or as a downloadable pdf)
  • “All Babies Cry” DVD for families to take home
  • “All Babies Cry” website that includes streaming media
  • Online course to train hospital staff on best ways to disseminate
  • “All Babies Cry” community on Facebook

Features & Benefits:

  • Incorporates the protective factors of the Strengthening Families initiative
  • Focuses on empowering fathers
  • Demonstrates clear strategies for infant soothing AND managing normal stress in parenting
  • Satisfies mandates to educate about pediatric abusive head trauma
  • Vida manages the printing of the customizable “All Babies Cry” booklet
  • Vida manages the duplication and packaging of the “All Babies Cry” DVD
  • Vida develops and manages your “All Babies Cry” website (this website will include all links, logos, and identifiers you want on the page)
  • Vida manages distribution of all materials and 11 minute version of the program designed for hospital closed circuit TV systems
  • Vida reports all usage data by hospital and other metrics
  • Vida manages the All Babies Cry Facebook community

Review a summary of evaluation findings here

“All Babies Cry” is meant to be introduced to parents as part of bedside education during maternity stays. State Departments of Public Health or Social Services are the likely adopters of the “All Babies Cry” campaign.

View a brief introduction to “All Babies Cry” on Vimeo

Released: 2012

Languages: English / Spanish

Awards: Health and Science Communications Award (HeSCA) Gold * Telly * WorldFest Platinum Remi Award

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