Our Team

Lisa McElaney, MFA

President, Principal Investigator

Lisa McElaney is Vida’s President/Principal Investigator. She co-founded the company believing that media and technology should play a role in creative solutions to educational challenges. Lisa oversees the design of learning experiences for a wide array of end users utilizing what has come to be recognized as Vida’s uniquely tailored, audience-centered approach to conveying evidence-based content. Her background as an educator and documentary film producer informs the effective blend of visual and narrative strategies Vida uses to engage learners while modeling best practices. She studied maternal and child health on a Rotary International fellowship in Tamil Nadu, India and holds degrees from Bowdoin College and Columbia University.

John Craine, MS, MBA

Chief Operating Officer, Principal Investigator

John Craine joined Vida in 2002 as its Chief Operating Officer. He received his MBA and Master of Science in Communication from Boston University, afterward joining Butterfield Communications Group as a consultant to the broadcast and cable television industries. His entrepreneurial drive led him to the financial services industry where he founded two companies, providing capital financing to small businesses. Dispirited by an industry focused solely on money, John eventually sold his businesses and joined Vida, a place where he could apply his business acumen and creative sensibilities toward the improvement of public health and health care practice. He likes to tell people that his role at Vida is to keep the ship from running aground. More accurately, he’s managed to keep Vida running full sail with a brisk wind at our backs.

Aimee Arvan

Director of Marketing

Aimee Arvan joined Vida in 2008 after receiving her BS in Marketing Communication from Emerson College. Over the years Aimee has cultivated a diverse marketing skill set working for full-service advertising agencies, smaller nonprofit organizations and as a consultant to independent filmmakers. In 2009 Aimee spearheaded the creation of Earth Week in the Union Halls, a national screening campaign for an independent social issue documentary entitled The Greening of Southie. The campaign was covered by The New Yorker and featured on the Today Show. Due to her interest in media, messaging and public health, Aimee enjoys and is dedicated to the distribution of Vida’s programs.

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